Central nodule

In raphid diatoms, the thickly silicified area located between the proximal raphe slits. Often thickened, both in valve and girdle views. It is the site where the silica deposition vesicle deposits the first silica during valve formation.

Diploneis Central Nodule
Image Credit: Sarah Spaulding
The central nodule in Diploneis. It is unornamented (lacks areolae) and is often thicker is silica than other parts of the valve.
Hippodonta Central Nodule
Image Credit: Marina Potapova
Scanning electron micrograph of the internal view of a valve of Hippodonta. The central nodule is the area between the proximal raphe ends.
Caloneis Central Nodule
Image Credit: Gene Stoermer
The central nodule is shown here in Caloneis amphisbaena. Note that in the light microscope the thicker silica of the central nodule is distinct, between the proximal raphe ends.