I am currently a student at Long Beach City College, anticipating transfer to California State University, Long Beach, for a B.S. in biology. I am employed by the Stream Ecology Assessment Laboratory (SEAL) at CSULB, processing the incoming diatom samples from various projects, including the Cold Creek Fuel Spill bio-assessment project off Highway 38 in the San Bernardino Mountains. I have also collected benthic macroinvertebrates and general periphyton from freshwater streams. I identify diatom taxa for the Cold Creek Fuel Spill project to assess the ecological impacts of the fuel spill. I analyze these slides and identify diatom taxa for a project that will assess the health of these streams and rivers.

I am a budding yet avid biologist with an affinity towards diatom identification. Since I was first introduced to this field in summer 2013, I have gained a great deal of knowledge in the processing, identification, and ecology of diatoms. My education, volunteer and work experience are evidence of my enthusiasm for the field of biology, and indications of my ultimate career objectives.

Species contributed

Diploneis elliptica