Diatom Web Academy 2021

The Diatom Web Academy continues... Sessions are recorded and can be accessed for later viewing. You are invited to join us, wherever you may be,...

Yucatan tmo 2021304 lrg

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Where can I buy diatoms?

Living diatom cells can be isolated from their surrounding assemblage of cells and in kept alive in cultures. Culture collections have staff that do...

Living planktonic marine diatoms

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What has changed?

Here, you can find links to archived genus and species pages: Achnanthidium kreigeri (prior_to_2021_09_01) Pinnularia polyonca (prior_to_2021_08)...

Barents Sea Plankton 2011226

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WEBINAR: Keeled diatoms

Description: Keeled diatoms refer to a broad, informal morphological group of taxa with raphes in a canal often raised on a keel. But what is a keel?...

Rhopalodia 2

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WEBINAR: The genus Diploneis

Description: The diatom genus Diploneis is composed predominantly of marine forms with some freshwater lineages, which are all highly diverse in...

Diploneis pulchra Jovanovska

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