Before college, diatoms

High school students are doing great things in Iowa. This year, six students from Iowa, Minnesota, California, and Texas earned college credit...

College Prep Diatoms 2018

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Tiny fossils, huge slides

Are diatoms the key to Earth's biggest slides? February 12, 2018, Geological Society of America The biggest landslides on Earth aren't on...


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Citizen Scientists Lend a Hand

Three times a year, the Science Museum of Minnesota (SMM) hosts a very special event. Members Behind the Scenes gives visitors the opportunity to...

Smm Mlk

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Do diatoms form fossils?

The silica cell walls of diatoms are inorganic, so they do not decompose. When diatoms die, they sink to the bottom of the wetland or lake or ocean...

Diatomite Lompoc Ca

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Diatom of the Month

The “Diatom of the Month” project is a monthly series of blog posts on diatoms, precious primary producers, and invaluable indicators of...

Luca Field

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Does climate affect diatoms?

Yes, and yes. Climate affects diatoms in complex ways. As the planet warms due to the increase in carbon dioxide, scientists predict that larger...

Barents Sea Plankton 2011226

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When art and diatoms collide

A new book of poetry, You This Close, by Minnesota writer Su Smallen incorporates diatoms, rivers, science, and the happenings of nature in poems...

Asterionella Sm

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