Diatom Web Academy

We are expanding the number of webinars in the Diatom Web Academy during the pandemic. Sessions are recorded and can be accessed for later viewing....

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WEBINAR: Digital Diatomology

Digital Diatomology: Combining slide scanning microscopy, web-based collaborative annotation, and deep learning for diatom analysis Description:...

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WEBINAR: The genus Luticola

The genus Luticola Description: The diatom genus Luticola D.G.Mann is composed of mostly small, yet easily diagnosed, taxa. The genus is...

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Exploring diatom motility

I recently discovered the website, Observation of Diatoms, created and maintained by Thomas Harbich. The site is a wonderful addition to...


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WEBINAR: The genus Eunotia

The genus Eunotia Description: The diatom genus Eunotia Ehrenberg is diverse in freshwaters worldwide, especially acidic, dystrophic or...

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