For 2019, the Editorial Review Board includes Mark Edlund, Marina Potapova, Sylvia Lee, Ian Bishop and Sarah Spaulding.

The role of the board is to maintain the scientific merit of species pages submitted by expert contributors. The members of the board and reviewers guide the content of taxon pages.

Each species page has been reviewed by at least one reviewer or board member before it is posted. The board helps to develop species pages by recommending species or groups of taxa for inclusion in the database and guides the reviewers. The composition of the board and contributors overlap, but clearly a species page must be reviewed by someone not involved in composing that page.

Editorial Review Board Alumni

  • Gene Stoermer 2010-2012
  • Pat Kociolek 2010-2016
  • Rex Lowe 2010-2016
  • Sam Rushforth 2010-2017

For more information on the Editorial Review Board and its charter, contact us.


Spaulding, S.A., Bishop, I.W., Edlund, M.B., Lee, S. and Potapova, M. 2018. Diatoms of North America.

Ian Bishop

Graduate Student Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island

Marina Potapova

Assistant Curator Diatom Herbarium, Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia of Drexel University

Mark Edlund

Senior Scientist Science Museum of Minnesota

Sarah Spaulding

Ecologist US Geological Survey

Sylvia Lee

Biologist U.S. Environmental Protection Agency