Analysts, students, ecologists and taxonomists are encouraged to provide content by becoming a contributor to the Diatoms of North America project. See the elements required for taxon pages.

Contributors of 100+ Taxa

Loren Bahls

Faculty Affiliate Environmental Studies, The University of Montana

Mark Edlund

Content Editor, Centric Diatoms Diatoms of North America, Editoral Review Board

Senior Scientist Science Museum of Minnesota

Pat Kociolek

Director University of Colorado Museum of Natural History

Professor Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, CU-Boulder

Rex Lowe

Professor Emeritus Bowling Green State University

Marina Potapova

Content Editor, Monoraphid Diatoms Diatoms of North America, Editoral Review Board

Curator Diatom Herbarium, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Drexel University

Sarah Spaulding

Content Editor, Symmetric Biraphid Diatoms Diatoms of North America, Editoral Review Board

Ecologist US Geological Survey

Contributors of 10-99 Taxa

Ian Bishop

Content Editor, Araphid Diatoms Diatoms of North America, Editoral Review Board

Graduate Student Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island

David R.L. Burge

Lab Technician St. Croix Watershed Research Station, Science Museum of Minnesota

Jonathan English

Research Assistant Diatom Herbarium, Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia

Paula Furey

Content Editor, Eunotioid Diatoms Diatoms of North America, Editoral Review Board

Freshwater Ecologist Department of Biology, St. Catherine University

Carrie Graeff

Research Assistant University of Colorado

Paul Hamilton

Curator Canadian Museum of Nature

Elena Jovanovska

Content Editor, Diploneis Diatoms of North America, Editoral Review Board

Recent PhD Department of Animal Ecology and Systematics, Justus Liebig University, Geissen Germany

Gina LaLiberte

Research Scientist Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Sylvia Lee

Content Editor, Keeled Diatoms Diatoms of North America, Editoral Review Board

Biologist U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Kalina Manoylov

Assistant Professor Georgia College and State University

Eduardo A. Morales

Researcher Laboratório da Água, Universidade de Évora

Natasha Phillips

Research Assistant INSTAAR, University of Colorado

Meredith Tyree Polaskey

Medical Student Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

Sam Rushforth

Dean (retired) School of Science/Health, Utah Valley University

Rosalina Stancheva

Chief Scientist California State University San Marcos

Joshua Stepanek

Ph.D. Student University of Colorado

Melissa Vaccarino

Algal Taxonomist EnviroScience, Inc.

Jana Veselá

Ph.D. Student University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice

Diane Winter

Freshwater and marine diatomist Independent

Contributors of 0-9 Taxa

Heidi Abresch

PhD Student Ecology and Evolution, The University of Montana

Elizabeth Alexson

Research Staff Scientist Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota Duluth

Lane Allen

PhD Student University of Colorado

Lisa Allinger

Research Fellow Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota Duluth

Andrew Alverson

Assistant Professor University of Arkansas

Matt Ashworth

Research Affiliate UTEX Culture Collection of Algae, Department of Molecular Biosciences, University of Texas, Austin

Ehsan Atazadeh

Assistant Professor Department of Plant Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tabriz, Iran

Isabelle Atchia

Researcher U.S. Geological Survey

Laura Aycock

Doctoral Student Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

Behnaz Balmaki

PhD Student University of Nevada, Reno

Brad Bartelme

Ecologist EnviroScience

Jen Beals

Ph.D. Student University of Arkansas

Becky Bixby

Research Assistant Professor University of New Mexico and Museum of Southwestern Biology

Dan Bogan

Aquatic Ecology Research Professional Alaska Natural Heritage Program, University of Alaska Anchorage

Lynn Brant

Emeritus Professor of Geology University of Northern Iowa

Ellie Broadman

PhD Student Northern Arizona University

Karolina Bryłka

Research engineer Lund University

Alec Camp

Laboratory Assistant Environmental Studies, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado

Marco Cantonati

Research Scientist & Taxonomy Coordinator Phycology Section, Patrick Center for Environmental Research

Hunter Carrick

Professor of Aquatic Ecology Dept. of Biology & Institute for Great Lakes Research, Central Michigan University

Michelle Chaput

Doctoral candidate, Geography Department University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Margaret Christie

PhD Student University of Delaware

Ionel Ciugulea

Algal Taxonomist Algae Consulting Inc.

William Daniels

Ph.D. Student Geology Department, Brown University and Marine Biological Laboratory

Clint Davis

Algal Taxonomist/Ecologist Rhithron Associates, Inc.

Dawn DeColibus

M.S. Student Ball State University

Nina Desianti

J.C. Kingston Fellow Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, Ecology and Systematics of Diatoms

Sydney Diamond

M.S. Student University of Vermont

Lisa Doner

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science Center for the Environment, Plymouth State University

Kevin Dong

Undergraduate Student University of Iowa

Anna Drahos

Undergraduate student Iowa State University

Gareth Elder

Undergraduate Microscopy Student Central Michigan University

Connor Ellertson

Undergraduate Student University of Colorado

Meredith Emery

M.S. Student Florida International University

Mihaela Enache

Research Scientist The State of New Jersey

Peter Fedrigon

Undergraduate student University of Iowa

Mac Flack

Undergraduate Student University of Iowa Department of Environmental Sciences

Tom Frankovich

Assistant Research Professor Center for Coastal Oceans Research, Institute of Water and Environment, Florida International University

Naomi Friedman

Undergraduate Student Drexel University

Lauren Fuelling

M.S. Student Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

Evelyn Gaiser

Professor of Biological Sciences Southeast Environmental Research Center, Florida International University

Joanna Gauthier

PhD Student McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Catharina Grubaugh

Ph.D. Student Fordham University

Veronica A. Hamilton (she/her)

M.S. student Wyatt Lab at Ball State University, Muncie, IN

Tanya Hannis

Undergraduate Student University of Colorado, Boulder

Kaitlin Hatcher

Undergraduate in Biology and MAT of Science Education University of Iowa

Jaime Zebill Haueter

M.S. Student South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Sonja Hausmann

Research Scientist Phycology, Patrick Center for Environmental Research

Julianne Heinlein

Aquatic Ecologist Great Lakes Environmental Center

Natalie Hoidal

Undergraduate Student University of Minnesota, Morris

Kerry Howard

Truckee Meadows Community College

Kui Hu

Ph.D. Student Biology Department, Environmental and Conservation Sciences Program, North Dakota State University

Lena Ivarsson

Undergraduate Student Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden

Briana Johnson

M.S. Student Univerity of Nevada, Reno

Katie Johnson

Research Scientist II Phinizy Center for Water Sciences

Justin Kenneth Jones

M.S. Student Towson University

Elaine Jordan

Undergraduate student, Research Assistant University of Iowa, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Matthew Julius

Professor St. Cloud State University

Ingrid Jüttner

Research Curator of Diatoms National Museum of Wales

Brina Kamae

Stream Ecologist / Lab Technician California State University, Long Beach

Matthew Keith

Undergraduate Student University of Iowa

Somayyeh Kheiri

Research Scientist Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands, National Botanical Garden, Tehran, Iran

Rob Kimmich

Glossary Editor Diatoms of North America

Tyler Kohler

Ph.D. Student University of Colorado

Horst Lange-Bertalot

Professor Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main (retired)

Zlatko Levkov

Professor Institute of Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Republic of Macedonia

Jacob Lister

Undergraduate Student East Tennessee State University

Gosia Mahoney

Graduate Student University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Steve Main

Professor emeritus Retired, Wartburg College

Heera Malik

Phycologist (Staff Scientist) Rhithron Associates Inc., Montana

Ph.D. Ecology and Environmental Sciences University of Maine

Eric Massa

M.S. Student Florida International University

Viviana Mazzei

PhD Student Florida International University

Nicole McConnell

M.S. Student Iowa State University, Ames Iowa

Oliver McLellan

Ph.D. student Ohio State University

Sergio Mendoza

Undergraduate Student, Stream Ecologist California State University, Long Beach

Ditmar Metzeltin

Accomplished Diatomist Unaffiliated

Drew Meyers

Undergraduate Student University of Colorado Boulder

Alison Minerovic

DRWI Project Phycologist Patrick Center for Environmental Research

Joe Mohan

PhD Student Climate Change Institute, University of Maine

Liz Morgan

M.S. Student, Department of Geosciences Brigham Young University

Teofil Nakov

Postdoctoral Researcher University of Arkansas

Karen Neil

Ph.D. Student, Department of Geography University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Steve Nelson

Professor of Geochemistry Department of Geological Sciences, Brigham Young University

Paula Noble

Professor University of Nevada Reno

Emily Nodine

Ph.D. Student Florida International University, Miami FL

Ian O'Malley

Undergraduate Student, Coop Program Drexel University

Nadja Ognjanova-Rumenova

Associate Professor Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Megan Otu

Postdoctoral Fellow INSTAAR, University of Colorado

Marge Penton

Diatom Enthusiast Rocky Mountain Biological Lab

Frank Pickett

Diatomist Unaffiliated

Megan Powers

Undergraduate Student University of Iowa

Jaclyn Rarick

Undergraduate student University of Iowa

Euan Reavie

Senior Research Associate & Assistant Center Director Natural Resources Research Institute, Duluth

Hayden Ripple

Temporary Research Assistant Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado

Stephanie Robson

Ph.D. Student Monash University, Australia

Barry Rosen

Biologist U.S. Geological Survey

Tahmineh Rouzbahani

Ph.D. Student Department of Integrative Biology, The University of Texas at Austin

Elizabeth Ruck

Research Associate University of Arkansas

Aneliya Sakaeva

M.S. Student University of Colorado, Boulder

Eilleen Salas

M.S Student California State University, Long Beach

Nick Schulte

Doctoral Candidate University of Colorado

Sarah Shainker

PhD Student University of Alabama at Birmingham

Tommy Shannon

PhD student Florida International University

Ethan Silvester

PhD student Lund University

Ryan Smazal

PhD Candidate Dundalk Institute of Technology

Thomas C. Smith

Ph.D. Student University of California, Santa Barbara, Dept. of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology

Kathryn Smith

Ecologist U.S. Geological Survey

Kelsey Solomon

PhD Student University of Georgia

Janai Southworth

Guest Instructor Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, NOAA

Gene Stoermer

1934 - 2012

Professor Emeritus University of Michigan

Jeffery Stone

Professor of Environmental Geosciences Indiana State University

Laurel Stratton

M.S. Student University of Nevada, Reno

Evan Thomas

Instructor (Tenure-Track) Waubonsee Community College

Tori Thrash

Undergraduate Student The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Iowa

Irene Tunno

Paleoecologist University of Nevada, Reno

Dessie Underwood

Professor California State University Long Beach

Alex Valigosky

Freshwater Algal Taxonomist EnviroScience

Bart Van de Vijver

Diatomist National Botanic Garden of Belgium

Professor University of Antwerp

Wim van Egmond


Michael Van Gorp

Undergraduate Student University of Iowa

Dennis Vander Meer

Diatomist Rhithron Associates, Inc., 33 Fort Missoula Rd., Missoula, MT 59804

Lawrence Victor D. Vitug

Lecturer University City of Manila

Jeremy Walls

M.S. student Ball State University

Sydney Welch

Student Plymouth State University

Carrie White

M.S. Student University of British Columbia Okanagan, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

David Williams

Diatom Researcher Natural History Museum, London

James D. Woodell

Undergraduate Student University of Iowa

Phil Woods

M.S. Student University of Minnesota

Shelly Wu

Diatom Enthusiast

Anna Mengjie Yu

Ph.D. Student Department of Plant Biology, The University of Texas at Austin