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Resources for Practitioners

Specialized resources for people working with diatoms.

What are diatoms, really?

For students-of-the-diatoms who are interested in learning more, these are some of the biological features that distinguish diatoms from other...


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Voucher flora archive

A voucher flora is a collection of light microscope images for a defined project. This is a page for posting voucher floras, including yours....

Nitzschia inconspicua SEM1

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How to clean diatom samples

There are many methods that can be used to remove organic matter from diatoms. The best method depends on the type of sample and the amount of...

Jian Zhao  Chao Liu

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What is a voucher flora?

Taxonomic Bias Datasets produced by different analysts are incompatible (Lee et al. 2019). Figure 1 illustrates a diatom survey, with each point...

2008 Nrsa Analyst Comparison

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Information for contributors

As the online taxonomic and ecological resource grows, we are seeking new contributors to submit taxon pages. This project depends on the involvement...

Discostella Stelligera

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Editorial Review Guidelines

GUIDELINES FOR SPECIES PAGE REVIEW One reviewer from the diatomist community will critique each taxon page before it becomes visible to the public....

Melosira Undulata Stalk

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