M.Sc. Geoscience-Oceanography TAMU Iowa Lakeside Lab: Classes include: Algae. Diatoms, R Statistics

Participated in Carmelo Thomas and Karen Steidinger Marine FW Harmful Algae Graduate WorkshopID and monitoring Project: Dinoflagellate Species distributions across density bands in Cold Core Rings of Gulf of Mexico.

Lead Phytoplankton Scientist on EPA Clean Lakes Studies in Texas mid 1990s.Developed monitoring protocols, and Best Management Practices in agricultural watersheds.

USGS Phytoplankton Lake studies: Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri.

Texas Sea Grant Species Level Diatom Seagrass ID and Ecology

Lower Laguna Madre, TX

Former Edwards Aquifer Authority Director, Comal County serving on regional EAA aquifer board.

"Common Experience: Water" 2006 Co-Teacher with Communications visiting Netherlands professor Wim Von Egmond at Texas State University Photomicrscopy of Plankton for Art and Communications Students for "Common Experience: Water" 2006

Species contributed

Mastogloia binotata