Whilst undertaking my Master’s degree in Ecology at Razi University in 2004, I developed a keen interest in the use of diatoms and other kinds of algae for their use in biomonitoring. Therefore, I conducted my Masters project on the ecology of algae, with an emphasis on diatoms. I completed the research component of M.S. in 2006. I continued my research on the biology, ecology and taxonomy of diatoms and other algae whilst undertaking teaching as a lecturer for undergraduate students in phycology and plant biology courses in 2008.

I completed my PhD project at Federation University Australia in 2017. The title of my PhD thesis was “Algal-based models to configure consumptive flows for ecological benefit in highly regulated rivers”. Through this project, I applied diatoms and soft algae as indicators of water quality and how ecological indices and models can be used to provide information to water managers on configuring consumptive flows and understand the effect of changing flows in relation to the aquatic biota of the riverine ecosystems using a case study on the MacKenzie River, south-eastern Australia. After PhD completion, I worked as a research fellow at the University of Melbourne.

Currently, I am working at University of Tabriz where I am responsible for teaching, training as well as research. My research interests are related to:

• Biology, ecology and taxonomy of algae, especially diatoms

• Use of algae as indicator in aquatic ecosystems

• Wetland and stream water quality biomonitoring

Species contributed

Envekadea pachycephala