I was fortunate to begin work on diatoms just as it began to bloom in North America. I was also fortunate to study under Dr. Ruth Patrick and Dr. Charles Reimer, beginning as an undergrad and continuing through Ph.D. work, and took that degree under Dr. J. D. Dodd at Iowa State University. I spent my entire professional career at the University of Michigan. Because of early entry to the field, I have published in a wide variety of topics, from diatom ultrastructure to the paleolimnology of ancient lakes. My primary interest is the diatom flora of large lakes.

in Memoriam (1934 - 2012)

Gene Stoermer passed away February 17th 2012, after a 2-year struggle with throat cancer and complications. He was a professor, scholar, advisor, mentor, friend, and much more. We shall miss him greatly. More information >

Species contributed

Gomphoneis herculeana