I am a palaeoecologist, interested in the reconstruction of past climate and environments using both marine and freshwater sediment proxy records. My proxy expertise include marine, brackish and freshwater diatom taxonomy and ecology, and HBI sediment biomarkers. In palaeoecology, a sound understanding of the proxies used is key to robust reconstructions, which is why I have a keen interest in the improvement of proxy knowledge (especially diatom ecology and biogeography). I have both led and been involved in several international projects including research topics such as the recent eutrophication history of the Baltic Sea, the effects of groundwater phosphorus concentrations on lake trophy, environmental reconstruction around archaeological sites, Late-Glacial climate change in the southern Alps, subarctic lake ecology and recent change, and Arctic sea ice and ocean variability around Greenland and in the Labrador Sea. The breadth of questions diatoms can provide answers to is astonishing!