Research Scientist & Taxonomy Coordinator (Diatoms) within the Phycology Section of the Patrick Center for Environmental Research, Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University (since Sept 1st 2016), Philadelphia, PA, USA. [Head of the Limnology & Phycology Section of the Museo delle Scienze – MUSE (Trento), unpaid leave.] Venia docendi (= University teaching Habilitation; PD Prof ) in Limnology (Phycology), Univ. Innsbruck, Austria (2011). PhD Univ. Innsbruck. MSc Nat. Sc. (1992) & MSc Biology (1990) Univ. Pavia (Italy). 2016: 70 scientific papers on international ISI journals with IF + 19 special issues, book chapters, books. Main current research interests: diatoms, periphyton, bioassessments and monitoring, environmental sciences, phycology, taxonomy, groundwater, environmental change, ecohydrology, biodiversity, springs, water-level fluctuations (WLF), long-term ecological research. Described several diatom species & genera new to science. Organizer and Chair of several diatom-relevant Congresses: Use of algae for monitoring rivers and comparable habitats and International Workshop on Benthic Algal Taxonomy (9thUAMRiCH & InBAT, Trento, June 15-19 2015); 2nd CEDiatoM (Central European Diatomist Meeting, 2008 Trento; 12th Meeting of German speaking diatomists (Trento, 1998). Lead Editor (co-author & main translator) of the updated English edition of the Hofmann et al. (2013) book for the identification of the most common benthic diatoms of Central Europe. Eponymy: Three diatom species named after him (but also one water mite & one copepod).