My interests include biology and natural sciences that occur on our planet as well as those that may occur in other regions of our universe. I enjoy looking at nature and trying to understand how and why it functions in the manner that it does. The better we understand our surroundings and how it is we influence them, the more well prepared we can be in adapting to the ever changing conditions on our planet. Using science as a tool to understand the changes our planet has undergone in the past allows us to predict possibilities that could occur in the future. What intrigues me the most is the possibility that one day we as humans could live in a sustainable world with minimal negative influence on the natural environment. I plan on continuing my education after completion of my undergraduate degree in biology and environmental sciences at the University of Iowa in order to better understand my surroundings, and hopefully one day help our species become one step closer to reaching that goal.

Species contributed

Caloneis lewisii