Anomoeoneis Guide
  1. Striae distinctly punctate and irregular
  2. Central area may extend to valve margin
  3. Axial area bordered by single row of areolae
  4. Distal raphe ends deflected and usually distinct

Anomoeoneis valves are lanceolate to elliptic-lanceolate in outline, with broadly rounded to capitate apices. The central area may be symmetric or asymmetric. If the central area is asymmetric, it may extend unilaterally to the valve margin. The axial area is narrow, linear, and bordered by a single row of regularly spaced areolae. The distal raphe ends are deflected and usually distinct. The chloroplast is a single multi-lobed plastid with a large spherical pyrenoid.

The irregular striae, broad central area, and asymmetric central area distinguish Anomoeoneis from Brachysira and Navicula.

Anomoeoneis species grow in epipelic habitats of high conductance and brackish water, including estuaries. It is especially common in saline inland waters of the mid-western United States and western Canada.