Cymatopleura Guide
Credit: Sarah Spaulding, Elizabeth Ruck
  1. Frustules elliptic to panduriform
  2. Valve face undulate
  3. Raphe positioned in marginal keel

Cymatopleura cells are generally large in size, often over 200 µm in length. The valves are elliptic to panduriform. Species in Cymatopleura possess characteristic undulations on the valve face. In girdle view, Cymatopleura is distinct because of the undulating valve face. The raphe is located within a shallow keel, positioned along entire valve margin. In living cells a single plastid, composed of two plates is present. The plastid may be highly lobed and extend onto the girdle elements.

Cymatopleura is epipelic in freshwaters, and is often found in waters of high conductance and alkaline waters.