Proschkinia Guide
  1. Fistula in central area, on primary side
  2. Copulae numerous, folded and porose
  3. Frustules lightly silicified
  4. Central area asymmetric

Proschkinia is a saline solitary benthic and planktonic genus. Frustules are usually observed in girdle view because of the numerous girdle bands and narrowly lanceolate valves. Valves of this raphid genus are often partially detached from the frustules in cleaned material and lie in oblique valve view relative to a girdle view of the cingulum. Living cells are motile and contain two girdle-appressed, lobed and offset chloroplasts.

Populations of Proschkinia are commonly observed but usually in relatively low abundance in the plankton, in sediment-associated biofilms, epiphytically on seagrass, and epizoically on sea turtles.