Pseudostaruosiropsis Guide
Credit: Eduardo Morales
  1. Striae uniseriate, radial
  2. Apical porefield present at each pole
  3. Valve margin spinose
  4. Spines flattened, bifurcate

Pseudostaurosiropsis includes species that are small, with elliptic to rounded valves. The striae are uniseriate, composed of 2-6 round areolae externally occluded with discoid volae. Two apical porefields are present, composed of a few, isolated pores. Spines are present at the valve margin, aligned with a stria. The spines are flattened and bifurcate. Valves lack rimoportulae.

To date, species have been described from Pseudostaurosiropsis, based on features visible in SEM.