Many graduate students and post-graduate researchers gain algal training and experience through courses at Iowa Lakeside Lab. It is a fun, collaborative, supportive atmosphere – ideal for learning. However, when students and researchers return to their home institutions, they often find they are working in isolation. They miss the experience of working closely with others and having colleagues to discuss problems and their solutions.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Phycological Research Consortium (PRC) is to provide a professional and collaborative network for phycologists in both the academic and private sectors. We aim to provide an open forum and supportive community in which to exchange ideas, knowledge, and information, both through bi-annual workshops and remote correspondence. This network will benefit members by facilitating collaboration and providing open access to a diverse knowledge base comprised of individuals from multiple phycological fields and specializations. The PRC works to encourage and support phycologists, with the ultimate goals of broadening the knowledge base of our scientific community and advancing the field of phycology through dynamic, collaborative research.


  1. Meet bi-annually for one week to pursue individual research utilizing the outstanding resources for phycological study at Iowa Lakeside Lab.
  2. Enhance the quality of phycological research by providing a cooperative and supportive atmosphere in which members will benefit from the specialized expertise of all participants.
  3. Facilitate a forum for researchers to discuss recent taxonomic and nomenclatural changes in the field of phycology and to promote consistency between individuals.
  4. Provide opportunities for collaborative research projects among participants that will result in scientific presentations and publications.
  5. Publicize and extend the opportunities and resources available through the PRC and ILL to all members of the field of phycology, including scientists, educators, private consultants, and government employees.


  • Friends of Lakeside Lab

    - Mindy Morales, Sarah Rushforth, Sylvia Lee and Kerry Howard


Sylvia Lee

Biologist U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Kerry Howard

Truckee Meadows Community College

Mindy Morales

University of Vermont

Sarah Rushforth

Rushforth Phycology, LLC

Sarah Rushforth, Mindy Morales, Sylvia Lee, Kerry Howard, Victoria Chraïbi and Beth Caissie meet outside MacBride Lab.