Discostella stelligera is larger in size, has coarser radial striae and lacks conspicuous extensions of the marginal fultoportulae. Discostella glomerata differs in the marginal fultoportuae, which are present between almost every costa (Houk and Klee 2007). Discostella stelligeroides has a sparse ring of fultoportulae that lack outer projections. Discostella woltereckii has a stalked rimoportulae, in contrast to the flat rimoportula of D. pseudostelligera. Small specimens may be indistinguishable from D. lakuskarluki, a taxon that appears to be restricted to low nutrient, high latitude lakes.

LM scalebar = 10 µm
Discostella pseudostelligera LM6 Discostella pseudostelligera LM7 Discostella pseudostelligera LM1 Discostella pseudostelligera LM4 Discostella pseudostelligera LM5 Discostella pseudostelligera LM3 Discostella pseudostelligera LM2
3.7-6.5 µm
Striae in 10 µm

Discostella stelligera

(Cleve and Grunow) Houk and Klee 2004

Discostella stelligera LM4 Discostella stelligera LM6 Discostella stelligera LM3 Discostella stelligera LM2 Discostella stelligera LM5 Discostella stelligera LM7 Discostella stelligera LM1
3.7-13.8 µm
Striae in 10 µm

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Discostella glomerata

(H.Bachm.) Houk and Klee

Discostella stelligeroides

(Cleve and Grunow) Houk and Klee

Discostella woltereckii

(Hust.) Houk and Klee

Discostella lakuskarluki

(Manguin ex Kociolek and Reviers) Potapova et al.