Encyonema cesati is even more lanceolate, apices are rostrate and the central area is larger on the ventral side, as compared to E. evergladianum. Encyonema krammeri has a smaller maximum size, apicies are more rostrate and stria density is higher (25-30 in 10 µm). Encyonema densistriata is similar in shape and size, but possesses a dorsal stigma and more rostrate ends. Encyonema subrostratum has nearly parallel striae of lower density (14-16 in 10 µm). Encyonema guettingeri has a ventrally shifted raphe and less dense striae (12-14 in 10 µm). Encyonema ruttneri has a less pronounced dorsal arch.

LM scalebar = 10 µm
Encyonema evergladianum LM7 Encyonema evergladianum LM4 Encyonema evergladianum LM1 Encyonema evergladianum LM5 Encyonema evergladianum LM2 Encyonema evergladianum LM6
Length Range
16-33 µm
Width Range
4-6 µm
Striae in 10 µm

Encyonopsis cesatii

(Rabenh.) Krammer 1997

Encyocesatii 1 Encyocesatii 2 Encyocesatii 3 Encyocesatii 4 Encyocesatii 5 Encyocesatii 6 Encyocesatii 7
Length Range
22.0-38.8 µm
Width Range
4.6-6.0 µm
Striae in 10 µm
16-19 at the valve center, 21-22 near the apices

Encyonopsis krammeri

E.Reichardt 1997

Encyonopsis Krammeri 1 Encyonopsis Krammeri 2 Encyonopsis Krammeri 3 Encyonopsis Krammeri 4 Encyonopsis Krammeri 5 Encyonopsis Krammeri 6 Encyonopsis Krammeri 7
Length Range
11.4-20.7 µm
Width Range
2.9-4.4 µm
Striae in 10 µm

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