Eunotia Canicula Guide2
Credit: Paula Furey
  1. Ventral margin straight to weakly concave
  2. Dorsal margin convex
  3. Apices acutely rounded and nose-like
  4. Helictoglossae equidistant from midpoint of apical axis and apices

The ventral margin of Eunotia canicula is straight to weakly concave. The dorsal margin is convex. The apices are acutely rounded, tapered, subrostrate and nose-like in appearance. The apices are delimited by a very slight change in the slope of the dorsal margin. Helictoglossae are equidistant from the midpoint of the apical axis and the ends.The helictoglossae are also set in, forming a ventral indentation. Striae are slightly radiate.