Eunotia kociolekii should be compared to species in the E. diodon species complex. Although the E. diodon complex may include a range of valve morphology, E. kociolekii valves are smaller, narrower, and less strongly biundulate and the apices are more truncated and flattened relative to the E. diodon type (see additional text under Observations). In addition, the ends of E. kociolekii are more “set off” when compared to species in the E. diodon group. Smaller valves of E. kociolekii could be confused with E. satelles, but the valves of that species are wider and the dorsal margin is more steeply sloped near the apices. The apices of E. kociolekii are not as dorsally recurved as in E. subherkiniensis. In addition, the dorsal undulations of E. kociolekii are less pronounced than those of E. subherkiniensis.

LM scalebar = 10 µm
Eunotia kociolekii LM7 Eunotia kociolekii LM4 Eunotia kociolekii LM6 Eunotia kociolekii LM1 Eunotia kociolekii LM2 Eunotia kociolekii LM3 Eunotia kociolekii LM5
Length Range
9-53 µm
Width Range
4-8 µm
Striae in 10 µm
12 -13 in the center valve, 14-20 at the ends

Also compare to

Eunotia diodon


Eunotia satelles

Nörpel-Schempp and Lange-Bert.

Eunotia subherkiniensis