Eunotia mydohaimasiae valves are similar to both E. fallax and E. valida. The valves of E. mydohaimasiae have bolder and coarser striae, similar to E. fallax valves. However, E. mydohaimasiae valves are more arched with less constriction or pinching toward the ends than E. fallax. In addition, valves of E. mydohaimasiae have rounder apices that do not recurve toward the dorsal margin in the manner of E. fallax. In comparison to E. valida, the striate of E. mydohaimasiae are occasionally slightly radial or slanted on one side of the valve rather than the striae radiating towards both apices as they do in E. valida. The shape of the distal raphe ends on the valve face of E. mydohaimasiae are similar to the raphe ends of E. valida.

LM scalebar = 10 µm
Eunotia mydohaimasiae LM5 Eunotia mydohaimasiae LM6 Eunotia mydohaimasiae LM7 Eunotia mydohaimasiae LM4 Eunotia mydohaimasiae LM1 Eunotia mydohaimasiae LM2 Eunotia mydohaimasiae LM3
Length Range
24-62 µm
Width Range
2.7-4.4 µm
Striae in 10 µm
11-14 in the center valve, 16-18 at the ends

Also compare to

Eunotia valida


Eunotia fallax