Halamphora mira lacks the thickened virgae of H. elongata. Halamphora tucumana has thickened virgae near the dorsal margin, rather than near the central area. Halamphora veneta has a less strongly arched dorsal margin and smaller valves. Amphora subcapitata is very similar, but lacks the protracted ends of H. elongata.

LM scalebar = 10 µm
Halamphora elongata LM1 Halamphora elongata LM2 Halamphora elongata LM3 Halamphora elongata LM4 Halamphora elongata LM5 Halamphora elongata LM6 Halamphora elongata LM7
Length Range
30.2-66.2 µm
Width Range
8.0-13.7 µm
Striae in 10 µm
19-23 dorsal at center; 22-26 dorsal at ends

Halamphora veneta

(Kütz.) Levkov 2009

Halamphora veneta LM5 Halamphora veneta LM3 Halamphora veneta LM1 Halamphora veneta LM3 Halamphora veneta LM4 Halamphora veneta LM2
Length Range
10-40 µm
Width Range
3.5-6 µm
Striae in 10 µm
20-25 in central area, 27-30 at the ends

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