Halamphora latecostata has a lower dorsal stria density than H. coffeaeformis, H. sabiniana, and H. acutiuscula. Halamphora latecostata is wider than H. sabiniana but narrower than H. turdiga. There exists a noticeable stria density gradient from valve center to apex in H. latecostata which is absent in both H. coffeaeformis and H. turgida. Lastly, H. acutiuscula, unlike H. latecostata, has a longitudinal line dorsally offset from the axial area.

LM scalebar = 10 µm
Halamphora latecostata LM1 Halamphora latecostata LM6 Halamphora latecostata LM5 Halamphora latecostata LM7 Halamphora latecostata LM2 Halamphora latecostata LM3 Halamphora latecostata LM4
Length Range
16-50 µm
Width Range
4.1-7.9 µm
Striae in 10 µm
9-13 at dorsal center; 15-18 at dorsal apices; 19-20 ventral

Halamphora coffeaeformis

(C.Agardh) Levkov 2009

Halamphora coffeaeformis LM3 Halamphora coffeaeformis LM6 Halamphora coffeaeformis LM1 Halamphora coffeaeformis LM5 Halamphora coffeaeformis LM7 Halamphora coffeaeformis LM4 Halamphora coffeaeformis LM2
Length Range
15-40 µm
Width Range
5-7 µm
Striae in 10 µm
17-21 at center, 22-24 near apices

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Halamphora sabiniana

(Reimer) Levkov 2009

Halamphora turgida

(W.Greg.) Levkov 2009

Halamphora acutiuscula

(Kütz.) Levkov 2009