Karayevia Clevei Guide
Credit: Marina Potapova
  1. Valves lanceolate
  2. Striae denser on raphe valve than on rapheless valve
  3. Striae on rapheless valve coarsely punctate, parallel
  4. Striae on raphe valve radiate

Valves are lanceolate with rounded to subrostrate apices. The raphe valve has a narrowly lanceolate axial area and no distinct central area. The raphe is straight, with terminal fissures deflected to the same side. Striae on raphe valve are radiate, 18-24 in 10 µm; shortened marginal striae are often present. The rapheless valve has a narrow linear axial area and no central area. Striae on rapheless valve are coarsely punctate, parallel in the center and slightly radiate at apices, 9-12 in 10 µm.