Parlibellus nunivakiana is similar to P. crucicula, but the central area is asymmetric and rectangular, while in P. cruciula the central area is small and apically elliptical. The areolae are larger (less dense), the axial area is linear and wider, and the proximal raphe ends are tear-drop in shape. Parlibellus nunivakiana can also be compared to the marine species Sieminskia wohlenbergi and S. zeta, but P. nunivakiana is distinguished by the asymmetric rectangular central area without structure and the curvature of the valve margins.

LM scalebar = 10 µm
Navicula nunivakiana LM1 Navicula nunivakiana LM6 Navicula nunivakiana LM7 Navicula nunivakiana LM4 Navicula nunivakiana LM5 Navicula nunivakiana LM3 Navicula nunivakiana LM2
Length Range
84–96 µm
Width Range
23–27 µm
Striae in 10 µm

Also compare to

Paribellus crucicula

(Smith) Witkowski, Lange-Bert. and Metzeltin

Sieminskia wohlenbergii

(Brockmann) Metzeltin and Lange-Bert.

Sieminskia zeta

(Cleve) Metzeltin and Lange-Bert.