Platessa Kingstonii Guide
Credit: Marina Potapova
  1. Valves elliptic
  2. Raphe valve with uniseriate striae
  3. Rapheless valve with triseriate striae
  4. Raphe valve central area transversely rectangular
  5. Rapheless valve axial area wide, elliptic–lanceolate

Valves are elliptic. Raphe valve has a narrow linear axial area and transversely rectangular central area. Raphe is filiform, straight with slightly expanded external distal and proximal ends. Striae are uniseriate and moderately radiate on the raphe valve (26-30 in 10 μm). The rapheless valve has a wide elliptic–lanceolate axial area and short triseriate striae (12-15 in 10 μm).