Surirella cruciata should be compared to S. bidentata, described from moss habitats in Chile. Both species are similar in valve outline and the unique elevation of central portion of the valve. However, S. bidentata is more isopolar, has a greater valve width (60–70 μm) and has a lower density of alar canals (9–11 in 100 μm) compared to S. cruciata.

LM scalebar = 10 µm
Gc 115390B  Sycamore Lnj  Sc27B  Do Us Copy Anp 058  Sur Cruc1C  Do Us2 Gc 113401A  Nantic R  De  Sc2B  Do Us Cas 183019  Lk Ozette  Wa  Sc8B Copy Hust X1 98  Sur Cruc Epitype1 C Publ Copy2 Boyer 375  Pavonia Nj  Sur Cruc4B Publ Copy
Length Range
48–160 µm
Width Range
24–61 µm
Striae in 10 µm
19–29 in the center valve, 22–30 at the ends

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Surirella bidentata