Small specimens of Surirella terryi might be confused with S. bohemica due to their similar appearance, although the latter species is much smaller in size and lacks the typical twist of S. terryi. Surirella tenera has a similar valve outline and dimensions, but this taxon also lacks the twist, valves are more distinctly heteropolar and the central area along the apical axis is more pronounced and appears as a sharp siliceous ridge.

LM scalebar = 10 µm
Surirella terryi LM1 Gc 42664 Fossil Phila  Sur Ter1A Copy Acadia Np 057A  Gr Mead  Sur Ter2A Boyer  G7 9  Lees Pond Bristol Ct  Sur Ter27B Cas 600484 2  Lk Ozette Wa  Sur Ter6 Copy Gc 115390B  Sycamore Lnj  Sur Ter24A Copy Gc 114834A  Kent Co De  Sur Ter1A Publ Copy
Length Range
67–176 µm
Width Range
23–35 µm
Striae in 10 µm

Surirella tenera

W.Greg. 1856

Surirella tenera LM1 Surirella tenera LM3 Surirella tenera LM5 Surirella tenera LM6 Surirella tenera LM8 Surirella tenera LM9 Surirella tenera LM11
Length Range
75-134.5 µm
Width Range
24.0-31.5 µm

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