The Montana Diatom Collection (MDC) is currently housed at three locations. Slides representing samples collected 2000-2020 are located at the University of Montana Herbarium (MONTU) in Missoula. Cleaned materials from these samples are located at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Drexel University, Philadelphia (ANSP). A working collection of original slides, representing samples collected 1968-1999, and replicates of slides at MONTU, resides with the author. This working collection will eventually be transferred to ANSP.

Slides are identified by a sample number and a slide (accession) number. Sample numbers are six digits; the first four digits designate the unique sample site and last two digits designate the order in which samples were collected at that site.

Taxa within the MDC (840 taxa in 81 genera) are documented in the Catalog and Atlas (Bahls 2021). Volume 1 includes the centrics, araphids, monoraphids, eunotiods, and selected genera of Cymbellales and Naviculales.


Loren Bahls

Faculty Affiliate Environmental Studies, The University of Montana

Kurtkrammeria guide
Image Credit: Loren Bahls
Guide to the genus Kurtkrammeria