From the Introduction to Volume 1,

This annotated and illustrated checklist updates and expands the one I published over ten years ago (Bahls 2009). The atlas section presents images of voucher specimens and the catalog of taxa includes information on habitats, ecology and distribution of each taxon. This work is intended as a guide to the Montana Diatom Collection (MDC) with hope that it will encourage the use of the collection to advance our knowledge of diatoms in North America.

Each of the images in the atlas is linked to a specific locality, sample and slide in the MDC. The MDC is the source of materials that were used to describe a new genus Kurtkrammeria, about 100 new species and combinations, and over 300 taxa in the Diatoms of North America ( online flora. It is also the source for about 50 research papers and a larger number of water quality assessment reports prepared for the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) and other agencies. I dedicate this work to future generations of people who are passionate about diatoms and the diversity of life.

Bahls, L. (2021) Diatoms of Montana and Western North America: Catalog and Atlas of Species in the Montana Diatom Collection, Volume 1 The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Special Publication 24, 1-508.

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