Diatom Lace on the East River

Stacy Levy, artist, collaborated with with research ecologist, Judy Yaquin Li, NOAA Fisheries, to represent giant versions of diatoms that live in...

Diatom Lace Opening

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Diatom Web Academy 2024

Enjoy the summer break! See you again in fall of 2024. Would you like to be part of Diatom Web Academy? We welcome participation by diatomists at...

IMG 4174

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OPPORTUNITY: Algal Taxonomist

Preference will be given to those who demonstrate experience and knowledge of diatom and soft algae samples with associated laboratory experience...

Paludicola bog dweller communis v4 foc1 JDW

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Diatoms as camouflage?

We see colonial diatoms on a white substrate. What is it? Zoom out a bit to see the head of a scorpionfish! This image was posted on iNaturalist by...


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