In memoriam: Eduardo Morales

Eduardo loved the natural world, in all its myriad forms. Flowers, frogs, birds, algae; Eduardo appreciated them all. He especially loved the diatoms...

Alqueva reservoir2

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FAQ: What is a basionym?

A basionym is the original name of a taxon on which a new combination (or name at new rank) is based. This term and its concept is confusing! An...

Shenzhen Code

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Diatom Web Academy 2023

Continuing in fall of 2023... Would you like to be part of Diatom Web Academy? We welcome participation by diatomists at every level. Being a host...

17403 Aulacoseira planktonic

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FAQ: What is a process?

Good question. There are not only an abundance of terms to describe the silicious parts of diatoms, but terms are often redundant and overlapping. In...


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Posting for algal taxonomist

In this position, the successful candidate will be required to process both Diatom and Soft Algae samples. Preference will be given to those who...

Soil2 diatoms

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Sarah Crump Graduate Fellowship

Unfortunately, Sarah was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer in April 2022. After a hard-fought battle, the cancer spread, and she...


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