Project description: In this project, our aim is to explore the composition and diversity of microbial communities (with special attention to diatoms and bacteria) of polar and alpine water bodies (streams and lakes) to better understand their functioning and the roles of deterministic versus stochastic processes in their assembly. To do this, we will use both traditional and molecular approaches, as well as establish a culture collection for laboratory experiments, and survey diverse sites from around the world (with special attention to the European Alps). This project will provide a step forward in understanding microbial community dynamics in cryospheric waters, and promote a better understanding of the microbial life we will lose with climate change.

Requirements: The successful PhD student should hold a MSc degree or equivalent by the start date. All applicants should have a background in ecology, evolutionary biology, microbiology, protistology, and/or bioinformatics, good written and oral English skills, and a willingness to conduct field and laboratory work.

How to apply: Please submit a single pdf file with a letter of interest (two-page maximum - should describe any relevant experience, including previous experience in diatoms/environmental microbiology with bioinformatics, statistics, culturing, and fieldwork), a CV, and contact information for three references. For full consideration, apply before 15 February 2023.

Dr. Tyler Kohler
include Dr. Katerina Kopalová and Dr. Jan Kollár