Attend the North American Diatom Symposium in Georgia July 31 - August 4, and become certified at Level 1.

WHAT: An online exam, based on images of diatom genera will be offered on Friday August 2. The exam includes 60 questions and participants will have 120 minutes to complete it.

BACKGROUND: Since the 2017 NADS meeting, the Taxonomic Certification Committee (TCC) led by Sylvia Lee, have worked to develop the first exam as one of a series of exams of diatom certification. The committee (Sylvia Lee, Alison Minerovic, David Burge, Julianne Heinlein, Mark Edlund, Jan Stevenson and Sarah Spaulding) have been meeting regularly over the past two years to work out the details of certification.

PREPARATION: Thursday August 1, a preparation session will be held in the evening at the NADS meeting. Participants will learn about the genera included and the exam format. A practice test will be offered for people to learn the style of the exam and the software that operates it. The taxonomic treatment of the exam will be based on this website, Diatoms of North America.

POST-EXAM DISCUSSION: Saturday August 3, a post-exam discussion will be held. The TCC is seeking feedback from NADS participants on the exam and testing process.

COST: No cost. This is the last opportunity to take the exam for no fee. Based on the feedback from NADS participants, the exam may be modified. After that point, a fee will be charged. Following the NADS meeting, the exam will be offered remotely to all for a fee (~$100).

For more information, contact Sylvia Lee.