This monograph contains descriptions of taxa from the diatom genera Craticula, Aneumastus, Decussiphycus, Cavinula, Lacustriella, Luticola, Mastogloia, Geissleria, Placoneis, Petroplacus, Navicula, Hippodonta, Sellaphora, Prestauroneis, Fallacia, Stauroneis, Brachysira, Anomoeoneis, Neidium, Diploneis, Caloneis, Pinnularia, Capartogramma, Frustulia, Amphipleura, Krasskella, Gyrosigma and Plagiotropis from periphytic and surface sediment samples in the coastal ecosystems of the Laurentian Great Lakes. Light micrographs are provided for diatom taxa recorded in 207 samples from 106 wetlands, embayments, high-energy and deep, nearshore locales of the five Great Lakes. 148 taxa are characterized, and 2 previously undescribed taxa are named. For 36 of the more common species,lake and habitat specificity, modelled optima for phosphorus and chloride and tolerance to coastal anthropogenic stressors are described.


Euan D. Reavie 2022. Symmetric biraphid diatoms (largely non-Navicula) from the Laurentian Great Lakes. Diatom Research. DOI: 10.1080/0269249X.2022.2096121