Apply now for the Freshwater Algal Identification Field Course at the scenic Fordham University field station.

The course focuses on algal identification, with a strong emphasis on the ecology and diversity of algae in freshwater habitats, and introduces students to the use of algae to assess water quality. We will collect a wide set of aquatic organisms - diverse benthic communities to splendid cyanobacteria blooms. Students will:

  • Collect and study members of all freshwater algal groups, from cyanobacteria through greens, euglenophytes, dinoflagellates, chrysophytes, diatoms, red algae, and plant-like members.
  • Gain familiarity proficiency using modern taxonomic keys.
  • Learn the features that distinguish the freshwater algal phyla and genera, and gain familiarity with the diagnostic features that are used to identify members of the major groups.
  • Create a database of high-resolution algal images and voucher specimens that can be used in future studies.

The Fordham University field station is located in Westchester County NY. The station has a spring-fed lake and is a short distance from a diverse range of aquatic habitats. We have an excellent library of taxonomic keys, facilities for imaging specimens, as well as the boats and a wide array of field and laboratory gear for collecting and quantifying freshwater phytoplankton and periphyton.

The class is limited to 15 students. Housing on site will be available on a first-come-first-served basis, and can be requested at the time of registration. The deadline for application is May 1.

Contact John Wehr with inquiries.