High school students are doing great things in Iowa. This year, six students from Iowa, Minnesota, California, and Texas earned college credit working on sophisticated topics relating to the ecology and paleoecology of diatoms.

First, students examined three diatom species in depth, learning the biology, morphology, taxononomy and ecology Cocconeis placentula, Epithemia sorex, and Meridion circulare. Based on their understanding of these species, students took on research projects: Diatoms on Duckweed, Paleolimnology of Diatoms, and Miocene Diatoms and their Paleoenvironments.

Next, students engaged children by sharing their new found knowledge and enthusiasm for diatoms. The high school students shared fun facts about diatoms, like their crazy shapes and how climate is able to alter the forms of diatoms.

Previous year's students have accomplished great things. Andy Tran (2017) completed research on water quality at Grand View University and received a full scholarship to Drake University. Kevin Dong (2015) completed a National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at Tarleton State University and was awarded first place at the REU poster session.

We are proud of our students. Maybe you would like to get involved with diatoms, too! There are many opportunities, stay posted with Diatoms of North America.

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