Two courses related to diatoms and algae are being offered in Summer 2023 at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory. Classes target advanced undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, teachers, and professionals.


22 May – 16 June 2023

Instructors: Mark Edlund, Sylvia Lee

This course, now in its 60th year, will introduce students to field and laboratory study of freshwater diatoms. We will visit diverse aquatic habitats of the Upper Midwest to make live and fossil collections of most freshwater diatom genera. Students will learn techniques in collection, preparation, and identification of diatoms. Lectures will cover diatom taxonomy, systematics, stream, lake, and wetland ecology, research applications, and biogeography. Students will assemble individual voucher collections as a means for practicing diatom research and species verification. As a final project, students will complete a taxonomic treatment of a species that will be ready to submit for peer-review to the Diatoms of North America ( web project. This is an intensive, field-oriented class appropriate for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-graduate workers in geology, ecology and diatom taxonomy. Students are encouraged to bring individual research materials, and there will be opportunities to discuss research approaches and practical problems of using diatoms in ecological and paleoecological applications. Class size is limited to 10.


19 June - 30 June 2023

Instructor: Kalina Manoylov

This course is offered on-line with synchronous and asynchronous sessions. Course topics include biology, phylogeny, and taxonomy of cyanobacteria and eukaryotic freshwater algae based on theory and image material provided by the instructor. Algal genera collected from previous research projects and classes will be used for an algal voucher library. An ecological perspective is used to explore the diversity of photosynthetic microbes that form the energy base of freshwater ecosystems. Environmental and economic concerns caused by excessive algal growth will also be introduced. Managing aquatic systems using algae will be discussed. The course will fulfill the upper division course requirement for Biology and Environmental sciences majors at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

· Undergraduate per credit tuition: $364.00
· Graduate per credit tuition: $605.00

Range of room/board costs per week at Lakeside:
· Cabin, room w/o bathroom, meals included: $225 per week
· Room with bathroom, double occupancy, meals included: $275 per week
· Single room with bathroom, meals included: $425 per week

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- Sylvia Lee, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ([email protected])

- Mark Edlund, St. Croix Watershed Research Station ([email protected])

- Kalina Manoylov, Georgia College & State University ([email protected])

- Mary Skopec, Executive Director of Iowa Lakeside Laboratory ([email protected]) Phone: 712-337-3669 ext 5