Description: The genus Navicula is the largest genus within the diatoms, with over 900 species reported from freshwaters of North America. Although the genus itself cannot be characterized by ecology, many species within the genus are restricted to particular habitats and geographic regions. In this presentation, I will summarize the nomenclatural history leading to the present understanding of the Lineolate group, or Navicula sensu stricto. This Navicula “in the strict sense” is characterized by lineate striae, among other features. I hope to arrange a “meet and greet” for participants to become familiar with some North American species, covering a range from the common, widespread species and to the more valued, exceptional species.

Target Audience: This presentation will be directed at participants with a specialized interest in diatom systematics and taxonomy. It will be of particular interest to analysts and students working on rivers and lakes of North America. Others, however, from beginners to lay public are welcome to attend.