I am an aspiring biologist currently working on my master's thesis. I am conducting a paleolimnological study of Texas reservoirs investigating the factors driving the occurrence of harmful algal blooms. I will be collecting core samples and using the relative abundance of different species of diatoms to reconstruct past environmental conditions. I will be using sedimentary DNA to determine the occurrence of cyanobacterial blooms and correlating them to the environmental conditions inferred from diatom assemblages along with other proxies. I am also working on a voucher flora for a small pond on my family farm. The voucher flora is largely a labor of love, but it has proven to be a good exercise in phycology, and I hope to publish by the end of the year.

I have always loved the water however it was during an 82 day long trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area that I realized I would like to devote my life's work to protecting these ecosystems. My favorite genus of diatom is Pleurosigma. I also have an interest in the other microbiota of aquatic ecosystems such as desmids, hydras and tardigrades. I have a particular fondness for the terrestrial macrophytes which I enjoy taking photographs of.