EPA Taxon Page Workshop November 5-9, 2015 Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Philadelphia

Brave diatomists: Ian Bishop, David Burge, Gina LaLiberte, Melissa Vaccarino, Marina Potapova, Nina Desiante, Sylvia Lee, Meredith Tyree, Richard Mitchell, Jana Veselá, Kalina Manyolov, Sarah Spaulding

For the fall 2015 workshop, brave diatomists agreed to take on the challenge of several of the larger araphid “fragilarioid“ diatoms. This group of diatoms has been problematic for both taxonomists and analysts and has been noticeably neglected, until recently. “Fragilarioid“ diatoms are now slightly less ignored (see the list of citations below), but they are still a difficult to sort, polyglot of species complexes.

In this workshop, we set out to examine a number of taxa reported from North America. Thanks to the recent works by Tuji, Williams and others, many of the type specimens of species have been investigated and published. And for a number of taxa, we were able to resolve the morphological size series and taxon name. Taxon pages for the following species are now in progress on the Diatoms of the US website:

F. amphicephala
F. distans
F. pennsylvanica
F. saxoplanktonica
F. socia
Synedra goulardii
Ulnaria contracta
Ulnaria delicatisima

And updated genus descriptions for Fragilaria, Synedra and Ulnaria.

We were not, however, able to resolve other taxa by the same approach. These groups require additional work, as the circumscription of the species is not clear from the images and materials gathered this week. The group plans to take a novel approach to examining the remaining taxa. Stay tuned.

Fragilaria capucina
F. gracilis
F. pectinalis
F. perminuta
F. rhabdosoma
F. rumpens

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