Welcome to our new taxon page contributors Gus Danz, Laura Lopera Congote, Micaela Kersey and Mike Sullivan!

Thank you to all our taxon page contributors, all 161 of you! You represent an enormous deep and broad body of knowledge, connected through diatoms.org.

Several of our contributors are working on increasing the number of marine genera and species pages. Tom Frankovich, Matt Ashworth, Mike Sullivan, Kathryn Smith, Isabelle Atchia, Andrew Ropp, and Ian Bishop bring knowledge of marine diatoms to this website. If this interest and support continues, we hope to be able to revise the website to better organize and distinguish marine and freshwater pages.

Our contributors continue to expand this electronic flora, making it accessible to practitioners around the world. Thank you to professionals, like Mr. Sunlin Hu and Stephen Gschmeissner for amazing SEM images. Artists, like Wim von Egmond, bring a playful and joyous view of diatoms. Welcome to students, like Patryk Gruca, for sharing your explorations and images of the microbial world. Since 2008 or so, Marina Potapova and Loren Bahls have steadily worked to expand and enrich the flora. An extra special shout out to Rob Kimmich, who not only works to expand and clarify the glossary, but provides continual editing of the website by reporting spelling, grammar, and content errors. The Diatom Web Academy (DWA) has been providing online seminars (webinars) for over two years, resulting in thousands of views - thank you, viewers for your participation! Kudos to the amazing Sylvia Lee and the Diatom Taxonomic Certification Committee for organizing, hosting, and recording the sessions. David Burge kindly edits the recordings for posting on the DWA YouTube Channel.

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